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If I could get rid of one person - like *poof* no questions asked- it would definitely be Miley Cyrus.

Like I would literally spare Rihanna. 

some black people are never satisfied.

oh woe is me - “white people don’t understand white privilege”.

Macklemore wins the award and makes it public that he shouldn’t have won that award and black people still hate him for acknowledging the fact.


I finally have my Mercedes Benz c300

its black on black. fuck yes.

Someone just needs to link me to all of the GOT seasons thanks.
I thank thy heavenly father that my thighs do not rub together. AMEN
Woke up this morning...


to a friend request on Facebook.

Her initials… M.J. (But changed on FB to M.L.)

I quickly declined it… and made sure it wasn’t just a “Not Now” but a definite “Decline Request

This girl bullied me from 3rd grade until 8th grade. Only reason it didn’t continue was because I moved to Houston…

Like a boss Sara. 

I’m just trying to get my mercedes benz C300 with back exterior and cream interior.

Just saying. Give me my ENTRY LEVEL LUXURY CAR. Not like im asking for a S Class…or a Bugatti. -.-

I hate when people say

be yourself! Don’t be stuck up/stuffy/girly girl. 

THAT IS WHO I AM! Plus, I am shy - I am stuck up because you haven’t bother to get to know me. You’re just judging me.